How Do You Measure Your Mobile Marketing?

Five bucks if you can look around wherever you are right now and find someone more than an arm’s reach from a mobile device. Our phones and tablets and wearables are wardrobe essentials, tangible...
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3 Ways to Better Demand Generation [Infographic]

A tiny 2 percent of marketers believe they have a highly effective demand generation strategy that gets them high-quality leads, according to a new study by the CMO Council. Developed in conjunction with NetLine...
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Bye-Bye to These 10 Web Design Trends

When technology is ever evolving, change is the only constant. Take, for instance, the realm of Web design. Design trends come and go. Some may only breeze by while others last longer. Either way, design...
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Engaging on LinkedIn: Five Strategies for Sales and Marketing Leaders

Most marketing and social media professionals do not have a LinkedIn marketing or social-selling strategy aligned with revenue objectives. Yet, strategy is the biggest difference between a B2B sales or...
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How to Make Digital Advertising as Successful as Hot Chocolate at an Ice Rink

On a blisteringly cold winter day, nine-year-old Nick trudges down the snowy sidewalk lugging a big thermos of hot chocolate. He arrives at the public ice skating rink and holds up a handwritten poster...
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A Slam Dunk for Email Marketing? Perfect Timing

  The Sacramento Kings score with a new approach to their email strategy that’s more than doubled the NBA team’s season-ticket base. The old saying goes: It’s great to be best....
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AdRoll Announces the Release of Prospecting

In its effort to help MARKETERS acquire new customers, AdRoll today announced the release of Prospecting—a new product that allows advertisers to pool their first-party customer data together. Through...
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Revenue Marketing: Creating Sales and Marketing Alignment

The art of contacting and connecting with customers and prospects has become infinitely more sophisticated and effective through the buyer’s journey. We can thank advances in marketing automation, big...
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Social network security and data protection

Data-Driven Marketing Confidence and Interest Are Up, But Enthusiasm Is Down

Nearly 65% of marketers say “aggregating and integrating disparate data sources” is a high priority for their organization. On the surface, things are looking up for data-driven marketers....
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11 Smart Ways to Nurture Leads With Your Blog

1) Implement Smart Calls-to-Action (CTAs) I’m starting with this one because I think it packs one of the biggest punches when it comes to priming your blog for lead nurturing potential. Smart CTAs...
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